traditional food crusine

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traditional food crusine

mouth watering food


Nasi Lemak. ummphh! my favorite!

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Nasi Lemak. ummphh! my favorite!

Never Been Happier :D

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The first assignment ; creating a header for the personal and group blog.


Second assignment ; Video Production

Click below to watch the video ūüėČ

Third assignment ; writing a reflections on each week of the classes. Week 1 till Week 10

Last but Not Least ; the Technology in Education Examination ; 15 June 2012





Feel like dancing!
aha aha aha movin movin XD

Greatest Appreciation to;
DR. Rosseni, Encik Helmi, Encik Yusuf, Encik Faisal, Cik Hazraty
and all the lecturers that had participate during our whole semesters of class GGGE2153.

Not to forget, team mates through thick and thin,
Special THANKS to,
Qila, Luqman, Peng, Asri, Solah


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Now today was the special day above all! 25th May 2012. It can be called as “The Judgement¬†Day”
Why? Because, today, every group has to come up with new ideas presenting their video.
As for my group, we had worked very hard in preparing this video. We met up almost every week in Computer Lab 1. Not mention the individual work that we agreed to distribute among us.
Despite many other assignments from other coarse,  we managed to divide our time properly.
I really hope our video would get great marks because we had put lots of effort to complete it.

Samm’s group went first. Then only its our group. ¬†Qila was nervous like hell until she cant even pay attention to the previous group. Me and Solah could not make it to class. We had an urgent college activity in Langkawi. However, we never stop praying that our presentation went well. I was still on the ferry when i received Qila’s sms. My heart pounded. I was hoping to get good news.
And her sms goes like this ¬†“WE GOT AN EXCELLENT FOR OUR VIDEO!!”

Alhamdulillahh!! oh my God. I was sooo trilled, happy, excited.. all feeling combined together!
Despite the audio and a little bit transition problem, Dr Rosseni and Encik Helmi were satisfied with our video presentation.

Special Thanks to the Team Mates; QILA, LUQ2, PENG, ASRI, SOLAH and Me

Working with you guys has been an exciting experience.
We always have solutions to every problems.
Thats the recepy to success. ūüėÄ


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on 27th Mei 2012, The SPAQL team, rented a car and drove to PUTRAJAYA~!!

well, obviously the last fieldtrip to Putrajaya was not enough for our group. We need more for the video shooting and pictures.
So, this time, we were all well-prepared. The video camera has fully charged, brought 2 extra DVD tape, the script, the storyboard, the hosts.. We were well-prepared!

So, we started our recording in front of Dectar. It was hot and sunny day. Luqman was sweating profusely. Qila was cool, just like she always is. I was the videographer. Asri the cameraman. Peng, the driver and Solah, our director cum¬†compass. We had to repeat the Dectar scene again and again because Luqman can’t memorise his script well. Maybe it was the first scene. He wasn’t getting in the mood yet.

Then, we drove to Putrajaya. Our first destination was Masjid Besi. Luqman and Qila practised for a while before the real shooting began.¬†Now that we relised it was not easy to become ¬†hosts or actors. You need to repeat and repeat and repeat the same scene until PERFECT! Just as simple script as “Now here we are at Putrajaya”, we had repeat this scene almost 9 to 10 times!
However, none of us felt pressure at all. We enjoyed our day and laughed and discussed together. THIS is called team work ūüôā

Then suddenly, we saw a man, looked exactly like Luqman! The way he walked, talked, even glanced EXACTLY the same!! We laughed hard, felt like rolling on the ground. Maybe he was Luqman’s long lost twin brother hahaha.

even Luqman admits they looked-alike! XD

Next stop, we entered Masjid Tengku Mizan Zainal Abidin. We performed our prayers as well as captured few majestic architecture building inside there. I was quite awed. It was soo beautiful and unique. We learnt that the main entrance is reinforced with Glass Reinforced Concrete to increase the integrity of the structure and uses fine glass to create an illusion of a white mosque from afar. tsk tsk.

Our Next stop was Alamanda. Well, the battery of our video-cam had worn out. So we decided to charged it in McDonald while having our lunch. I was in charged to look after the camera while the rest of the group member went shopping, enjoying themselves for a moment. Luckily, I brought my laptop with me, so while waiting for the charging, I managed to finish up some assignments. hehe.
We spent quite some time in Alamanda. Not to forget taking picture at the bamboo tree. It was a lovely scenery there.

Then, we rushed to Taman Botani, hoping to get the chance to rent a bicycle for our shooting. But¬†unfortunately, we were too late. The bicycle had already closed. ¬†So, we just spent our everning shooting the scenery around the Botanical Garden.¬†Putrajaya Botanical Gardens is a must-see attraction if you are visiting the beautiful city of Putrajaya. There are eight major parks in the city which is sometimes referred to as a ‘City in the Garden’. The¬†trees are not yet fully grown but the skilful planting of trees and shrubs, together with some well planned hard-landscaping have combined to create a pleasing appearance for the visitor.

Thinking about sunset, Peng drove like a mad woman chasing to Pull Man. We were hopping to shoot the sunset moment. That would be the ending for our video. However, hilariously, the sunset was not at the Pull Man. It is on the other side. We laughed hilariously thinking how stupid we had become without thinking any further. So, sunset moment fail! We end up shooting the scenery, taking some pictures and enjoying the moment. The dusk was majestic. The lake looked like mirrors reflecting all of the buildings.


Our LAST destination was to Taman Warisan. All of us were too tired and hungry. But we still managed to shoot our last scene to rolled up our video. We had our lunch there. The best coconut shake i had ever tasted! Yummy.. The price was reasonable. So, after shooting, everybody eat silently as if we had not seen food for ages, haha

That’s the end of our¬†journey. We had such a wonderful time together. We had become closer than ever. Such a relief that we managed to finish up the shooting. Now, the major task is to compile¬†everything¬†and make it into a perfect video.

Till we meet again

*yawning* *tired*

Burn Midnight Candles

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Assalamualaikum everybody? Do you sleep well yesterday? Goooood.. cause i haven’t slept.

Believe it or not, now is 6.00 a.m on Sunday morning..
I’ve been doing this reflection since yesterday!
Serve ME right!!
Procrastination is the thief of time.
I cant afford to hold these reflections any longer.
Still got few papers to study for the examination.

Few more to go.

*Panda eyes*


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Assalamualaikum and a very good Day ūüėÄ

Guess what. ITS SATURDAY!!! and we got workshop today in Faculty. Everyone was tired as yesterday was the fieldwork in Putrajaya. Nevertheless, everybody was excited to learn something new. Especially after taking a lot of beautiful pictures yesterday, I bet everyone was enthusiastic to start editing their pictures.

However, I was not be able to join the workshop. I had a Volunteer Coarse by the Global Peace of Malaysia in KL. So, I had to skip class ūüė•
Well this coarse is compulsory for me as a preparation for our Humanitarian Mission to Africa; supposedly by this July, but it has been postponed to January due to political struggle in Nigeria currently.
I’ve learnt a lot from the cause. Something new. Something interesting. Our mission is quite dangerous and risky. We need to brace for any unexpected things that might happen to us.¬†

 Ok sorry, I got carried away by the experience ;P 

Now lets continue about the workshop. The lesson basically about Adobe Photoshop. Encik Helmi taught them how to use Adobe Photoshop right from the beginning. Most of us thought that abode is complicated and difficult. It has so many tools, layer, apps, everything just name it! However, my classmates seem to improve themselves as mostly all of them manage to edit the blog banner by themselves. Kuddos!
Since I was not in the class, I have not started my banner yet. sobbss. But nevermind. I believe i can catch up soon ūüôā


This was edited by Pei Si¬†. Nice isn’t it? ūüėÄ

Imagethis was edited by QILA-CHAN for our Group Blog!

Hey.. looks like Encik Helmi and Encik Faizal had done a great teaching ya..
From ZERO to Hero ^^,

Then, i read on their reflection that they also learnt about video transition. Apparently Transition can help makes a video look great and it can also DESTROY the video. Having too much transition also makes your video look like an ameteur’s video. Also, Encik helmi taught them to use Adobe Soundbooth CS4. Adobe Soundbooth is a sound editing software. This software makes it easy to create and edit audio for all our productions. The features enable us to edit sound and accomplish audio tasks with complete creative control.

This is how it looks like.

Thats all for today i guess.
Still got workshop tomorrow.
and I’ll sure attend tomorrow’s workshop ūüėÄ